Just Live Podcast with Dan & Suzie

Just Live Podcast 041- How do you GROW your UNIQUE COUPLE CONNECTION?

May 24, 2023 Dan & Suzie Potter . . . DUZIE Season 1 Episode 41
Just Live Podcast with Dan & Suzie
Just Live Podcast 041- How do you GROW your UNIQUE COUPLE CONNECTION?
Show Notes

Just Live Podcast - 041 How do you GROW your UNIQUE COUPLE CONNECTION?
By Dan & Suzie Potter

As of May 24, 2023, we CELEBRATE 37 years of LOVE & MARRIAGE, this year we are including you in our 37 LIFE practices that grow your "UCC" UNIQUE COUPLE CONNECTION.

There is something about a LOVE STORY that creates desire for more.  Every year we add two things to our CELEBRATION, another scoop of Ice Cream (Now 37) and a new LIFE practice. Below our our LIFE PRACTICES, and we invited you desire more from your relationship and join the party with a scoop of Ice Cream.

  1. Dream with Courageous Imagination
  2. Live Fully Alive & Intentionally Thrive
  3. Love One God, Yourself and everyone else
  4. Have a belly laugh everyday
  5. Walk together
  6. Always follow tears with a hug
  7. Be second, not first
  8. Over communicate & seek to understand the other
  9. Ask questions & listen before you speak
  10. On hard days carry hope for each other 
  11.  Belong to a vibrant community of Jesus Followers
  12. Share & encourage hobbies
  13. Take weekly Sabbaths and Vacations
  14. Create unforgettable moments
  15. Be Generous
  16. Be brave & vulnerable with your emotions
  17. Kiss each other good night
  18. Celebrate often
  19. See everyday as an Adventure
  20. Pursue passions
  21. Invest quality time to leave a legacy
  22. See the good
  23. Go deeper into heart things
  24. Show up as your unique self
  25. Seek wisdom from Family and Friends
  26. Never make a decision when down
  27. Serve and allow yourself to be served
  28. Be authentic with no secrets
  29. Explore the Story you’re telling yourself
  30. Look into each other’s eyes
  31. Speak their love languages
  32. Have a grateful mindset
  33. Belong, connect, grow
  34. Pray together
  35. Never go to bed angry
  36. Do important hard things
  37. Mentor Unique Couple Connections in others

We hope one of our practices has encouraged you to thrive in your life. No matter if you are single or married, your rituals and rhythms, whether daily or weekly, will mark your future. We hope your next 37 will be as blessed as ours has been.

In your life what practices has helped you to grow?  Please share yours in the comments.

To find out more about our Seasons of Life journey for Couples to Grow your Unique Couple Connection please contact with us at DUZIE.com or at connect@duzie.com

Thank you for CELEBRATING with us.

Dan & Suzie Potter