Just Live Podcast with Dan & Suzie

Just Live Podcast 025 - How do you SUPPORT your MOMENTUM?

February 02, 2023 Dan & Suzie Potter . . . DUZIE Season 1 Episode 25
Just Live Podcast with Dan & Suzie
Just Live Podcast 025 - How do you SUPPORT your MOMENTUM?
Show Notes

How do you SUPPORT your MOMENTUM?
Dan & Suzie Potter

MOMENTUM is movement
, but often times when your MOMENTUM is a solo experience your progress is slow and often stops completely. This leads to thoughts of failure and feelings that your choice was unimportant.

It is very crucial to see your MOMENTUM by tracking your progress and maintaining a sense of forward MOMENTUM in achieving one’s CHOICES.

When tracking one’s MOMENTUM, accountability can be the game changer. Having others on your journey will help to ensure that your time and energy are being used effectively and that your goals are being met in a timely manner. 

Surrounding yourself with a person or a group, gives a strong sense of support, as well as, responsibility.  Accountability can involve setting specific goals, creating measurable targets and regularly reviewing journey to ensure that progress is being made. They also help you make adjustments if necessary.

We believe every CHOICE towards life MOMENTUM needs 5 relationships:

  • CHEERLEADER they encourage you and celebrate your victories
  • CHALLENGER they push you to do hard things and grow
  • PARTNER they agree to move with you on the same journey
  • MENTOR they have success in your area of growth and guide you along
  • MENTEE they are watching you to see if they too could do the same

Here’s the thing, you were created for community, you need people. You many not run the marathon with them, but . . . 

A CHEERLEADER might help. Can you ask a few people you know to support you, they can ask you how your are doing, send you encouragement or just celebrate every mile marker.

A CHALLENGER might help. They will be invited by you to be like a coach to help you win, to grow, to remember and to kick your butt on those days when you just want to give up.

A PARTNER might help. They are another person who desires the same MOMENTUM as you, look for them and invite them to come along side.

A MENTOR might help. They have been up the mountain and can guide you on the best ways for you to prepare, climb and reach your mountain.

A MENTEE might help. They are watching you to see if you can make it, because they want to come to. They will give you a sense of responsibility to see this as more then a moment for you, but a movement for others.

The TRUTH is success is possible, but hard. When you take the time to surround yourself with the right people your strengthen as well as grow your chances of finishing well.

So take inventory of your CHOICE, who do you need to add to your journey? Take time to invite them on your team.