Just Live Podcast with Dan & Suzie

Just Live Podcast - 021 How to reALIGN your CHOICES (9 ALIGN Tool - Part 9)

January 05, 2023 Dan & Suzie Potter . . . DUZIE Season 1 Episode 21
Just Live Podcast with Dan & Suzie
Just Live Podcast - 021 How to reALIGN your CHOICES (9 ALIGN Tool - Part 9)
Show Notes

By Dan & Suzie Potter

The Dan & Suzie story contains many chapters when we have made poor CHOICES, those CHOICES have always led us into regret, disunity, loss and stuck-ness (body, mind and spirit).

We have a commitment as a couple to never make major decisions when we are down, because those CHOICES, made during low places, always prove to be poor.

That one commitment has helped us also write many amazing chapters with great CHOICES because we were SELF-CONTROLLED.

Here’s the thing, as we have mentored and coached hundreds of people towards forward momentum, most often we see either deep pain from a past CHOICE or a fear of a future CHOICE

God has given humanity FREE CHOICE which is to be celebrated, but this gift can get so misaligned if we do not parallel it with SELF-CONTROL.  

The truth is we love FREE CHOICE, but we don’t love CONTROL, especially SELF-CONTROL it means we have to choose between what we can or should do, and what we can’t or shouldn’t do.

What can or should you CONTROL?

  • Boundaries, beliefs and values
  • Goals and momentum
  • The way you adapt or handle challenges
  • What you give your energy to or take energy from
  • How you speak to yourself and others
  • Your attitudes, thoughts, responses and actions

What can or should you NOT CONTROL?

  • Options or emotions of others
  • How people respond or react or what motives them
  • If people like or dislike you
  • The outcome of your effort
  • The future, past, weather or what happens around you
  • How others take care of themselves

So the realignment of our CHOICES must begin with our SELF-CONTROL.

It has been said “If you learn self-control, you can master anything.” We are not sure about the “anything”, but the practice of SELF-CONTROL does lay the perfect foundation for making GREAT CHOICES, ones that align with your life values.

Solomon, the wise king, once wrote: “Like a city whose walls are broken is a person who lacks self-control.”

If your life seems to be crumbling in a few places, like a broken wall, there is one way to realign your LIFE . . . be SELF-CONTROLLED in your mind, body and spirit. Then you will be able to LIVE LIFE and ENJOY GOOD DAYS.

The 9 ALIGN tool is a full circle of how the fruit of Spirit reALIGNS every area of your LIFE!

CHOICES is part of the 9 ALIGN Series. We can help you to create your own ALIGNMENT tool kit. It will cover your relationships, thoughts, emotions, time, significance, values, connectedness, power and choices. Just imagine having the right tool at the right time.

Each week you can read about it here or listen to our Just Live Podcast. Both are being created to hel

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