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Just Live Podcast - 016 How to reALIGN your TIME? (9 ALIGN Tool - Part 4)

December 01, 2022 Season 1 Episode 16
Just Live Podcast with Dan & Suzie
Just Live Podcast - 016 How to reALIGN your TIME? (9 ALIGN Tool - Part 4)
Show Notes

TIME is fascinating!

Every person who has ever lived has been given the gift of time . . . 24 hours everyday, 168 hours per week and 8760 hours a year. When it comes to time all people are equal. At the same time every person is limited by time. We live between a time to be born and a time to die. Everyone’s clock is ticking.

Time is the continued sequence of existence that occurs in an irreversible succession from past, through the present, into the future. 

Laws change, relationships change, governments change, beliefs change, education continually changes as does the weather . . . times change, but the measurement of TIME ALWAYS REMAINS THE SAME.

So it is up to us to change WITH time or be changed BY time. Time allows us to choose better and grow wiser. But how?


Patience is a healthy tension that can create beauty, meaning, dignity, awe and community. Patience is like a hammock, a place to find rest in the midst of time. Impatience on the other hand is a chosen curse in which you always feel pushed or pulled uncontrollably by time.

If impatience is being short-tempered, then patience is being long-tempered.

When we are out of sink with TIME we experience:

  • Too Busy & Too Tired
  • Procrastination & Regret
  • Hurry & Hustle

Patience is a choice, but time is not a choice. In good times patience invites us to be at peace, for this too shall pass. In hard times patience guides us back to peace, for this too shall pass.

Patience is a friend who invites you to accept what you can’t change, to adjust your expectations and surround your life with margins, so you can breathe . . . come what may.

Proverbs 14:29 reminds us that “whoever is patient has great understanding”.

Patience is part of the 9 ALIGN Series. We can help you to create your own ALIGNMENT tool kit. It will cover your relationships, thoughts, emotions, time, significance, values, connectedness, power and choices. Just imagine having the right tool at the right time.

Each week you can read about it in our blog or listen to our Just Live Podcast. Both are being created to help you put LIVING back into your LIFE.

Choose to LIVE FULLY ALIVE, everyday!